The Sustainable Buildings Network (SBN) is an association of Undergraduate and Graduate students interested in fields related to sustainable buildings and building energy. The SBN creates a collaborative environment to bring together building-focused sustainability groups across campuses.

For undergraduate students, it offers an opportunity to take part in SBN-wide lectures and workshops, to access mentorship from the SBN graduate students, and to discover other SBN-associated clubs and design teams. Besides learning opportunities, SBN can also help clubs connect with other clubs, help host events, and help get them started with hosting or joining design competitions in the field of sustainable buildings.

For graduate students, SBN looks to help student research and networking reflect the multidisciplinary nature of sustainable buildings. SBN offers a hub from which to attend – and host – lectures in their areas of research and interest. It also provides a platform for graduate students to act as mentors, working with undergraduate students in their design competitions and workshops. 

SBN provides a platform for discussion and networking opportunities for all students. It brings together undergrad and grad students and faculty from multiple campuses and disciplines, and industry professionals, who all share an interest in sustainable building.

Our Mission

The Sustainable Buildings Network facilitates the exchange of ideas between people and fields, to promote the idea of sustainable buildings as a cross-disciplinary field, and to increase inclusivity in sustainable buildings.