Sustainable Buildings Network


About Us

The Sustainable Buildings Network (SBN) is an association of Undergraduate and Graduate students interested in fields related to sustainable buildings and building energy. For SBN, the field of Sustainable Buildings encompasses the entire life cycle of a building, from construction to decommissioning. SBN creates a collaborative environment to bring together building-focused sustainability students, faculty and staff across campuses.

Mission Statement

The Sustainable Buildings Network facilitates the exchange of ideas between people and fields to promote the idea of sustainable buildings as a cross-disciplinary field, and to increase inclusivity in sustainable buildings.

What We Do

SBN provides a platform for discussion, learning, leadership and networking opportunities for all students. It brings together undergrad and grad students and faculty from multiple campuses and disciplines, and industry professionals, who all share an interest in sustainable building. You can get involved by attending our workshops, joining the discussion at our networking events, engaging with us on social media, and taking part in the annual Sustainable Buildings Challenge.

SBN also offers the perfect platform for anyone looking to begin their own sustainable buildings initiative. With a highly motivated group of students on our committee, we have the resources and know-how to help you get your idea started. So if you have your own idea, or just want to get involved, get in touch! We frequently have need for more involvement on our committee, and we’re always looking for new collaborations.