SBC 2022 has been completed! Thanks to all the participants. Keep an eye out in Spring 2023 to sign up for next year.

SBC 2022 Submissions

Sustainable Buildings Challenge 2022 Package

Sustainable Buildings Challenge 2022 Rubric

About the competition

The Sustainable Buildings Network is proud to present the second annual Sustainable Buildings Challenge (SBC).

The Sustainable Buildings Challenge is a design challenge that combines technical problem solving skills with policy ideation. Competitors will form groups of four people to tackle a building retrofit. The goal of the retrofit is to not only make the building more sustainable but also to increase occupant comfort and productivity. This year, competition teams will be focused on retrofitting a heritage building located on the University of Toronto’s campus. Ultimately, competitors will have to work around heritage regulations to deliver a more efficient building for students and the school community.

Students will tackle a two-part comprehensive building retrofit case. In the first part of the competition, students will use their skills and experiences to develop a technical solution within the categories of Energy Management, Building Envelope and Water Use and Waste. They will also have to account for additional secondary focus areas dealing with occupant comfort and accessibility. In the second part of the competition, students will create public policy to support their technical solution and enable it to achieve its full potential. Finally, the solutions will be presented to a judging panel of industry professionals.

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